Director’s Updates

Feb 21, 2018

Well it has been a busy winter. I have been contacting sponsors and working on getting the ball rolling for the Western Canada Kayak Fishing Trail. The Eastslope will once again take place on the July long weekend and this year it will be a stop on the Western Canada Trail.

We are looking at back to back derbies in Central Alberta on the May Long Weekend, June 9th near Camrose, End of July near Cold Lake, September Long for the Moutcha Bay and the end of September in Southern Alberta near Waterton. More details will be released on each event once the approvals come in from fisheries and parks for the licensing.

Here’s to a short winter!!




Apr 24,2017

Well it has been a busy winter and spring. I have been contacting sponsors and working on little side projects for the derby.

First and foremost his year is there are going to be 2 invite only qualifying events where the winner will get free entry into the tourney and a prize pack from our sponsors.

Our first qualifying event is being sponsored by Len Thompson Lures who have graciously donated the lures for the anglers to use. They will all receive 1 lure and that is all they can take on the water for the duration of the qualifier. If they lose it, they are out of the event and submit their largest catch in this winner takes all event.

We are also partnering with another Kayak Fishing Derby this year to ensure everyone knows what kayak fishing is all about. Keep posted to the Facebook page for more info!!

New sponsors have been added to the Sponsors page. There was a few issues where some of the logos and writeups disappeared, but hopefully we have that fixed now.

Just over 2 months to go!!


Jan 18, 2017

Well folks. The planning has begun. We have secured a hall and are in the process of submitting our application for Gull Lake on July 2nd, 2017 for the 7th Annual Eastslope Kayak Fishing Classic. Emails will be going out this week to past sponsors looking for commitments once again for our tournament.

Camping is available at the hall for $20 a night for both Friday and Saturday night.

I will post updates here whenever something new is confirmed. Here’s to another amazing tournament with all of you fellow kayak fishing addicts.


Apr 12, 2016

Well planning is going great. Just over a month away and we will have open water to start pre-fishing.

For anyone who did not hear, I have Fishing Scoops for sale for tournament anglers for $21.00. This is just over cost and a one time purchase price, so get them while you can. You can go to the Merchandise page to purchase them and also for purchasing the Custom Len Thompson Lures and stickers.


Mar 15, 2016

Things are in full swing with planning and organizing. So far we have Wilderness Systems, Kokatat, Kayak Angler, Werner, Scotty, Tie Boss, Aquabatics, Glenmore Sailboats, Valhalla Pure Outfitters – Red Deer, Yak Attack, Superfly, Rapala, Flying Fisherman, Len Thompson, Fishing Butler, Silver Tip Fly Company, Jackfish Lures, Aquabound, Humminbird, The Fishin Hole, Radio World Central and The Fishing Scoop all signed up for sponsorship and more coming in every day.

There is now a page for purchasing merchandise where you will find Fishing Scoops and the Lure & Sticker Sets. Prices do not include shipping and supplies are limited on items.

The date is finalized as July 2, 2016 on Battle Lake and we will be utilizing the 4H Center at Battle Lake for our base of operations.

The team aspect is starting to look very popular. You will still be fishing the tournament as you always have, just with the extra $20 entry fee you will be competing for cash prizes made up of the extra entry fee.



Jan 25, 2016

Planning for the tournament has started. Emails to past sponsors have gone out and applications are being filled out and sent to everyone for permissions and licensing.

We have already received commitments from multiple companies for sponsorship of this year’s tournament.



May 8, 2015

Well things are progressing very well with the tournament planning.

I have confirmation from 30+ anglers for the tournament and Len Thompson has just let me know that one lucky angler will win a 12 pack of custom lures. I can already imagine what some anglers would write on them or the logo they would put.

With opening day approaching fast I expect that more than a few of the anglers will be heading to Burnstick next weekend to start finding out what the pike are biting on and where they are.

Len Thompson

Mar 31, 2015

As March draws to a close I am happy to say that we are still getting some great sponsors jump on board with us. Very shortly we will start seeing more and more of the donations arrive and pictures will be posted on our Facebook page.

With the ice finally getting ready to retreat, I am sure many anglers will be itching for opening day to start pre-fishing Phyllis Lake for trout and Burnstick Lake for pike to give them every single bit of advantage they can get.

As I had mentioned before, this year’s format will be a little different. We have licenses for 2 water-bodies on the same day so anglers will have the opportunity to fish 1 or both lakes to help with their total inches of fish. Both lakes contain Yellow Perch and White suckers so every angler will be allowed to enter 5 Yellow Perch and 4 White Suckers. They will also be allowed to enter 1 Pike from Burnstick Lake and 5 Trout from Phyllis Lake. Needless to say there will be a little bit of time management required by anglers who choose to fish both lakes. The check in/out station will be at the hall in Caroline, approximately 15-20 mins away from either lake. How you choose to fish these lakes is up to you.

And of course the dark horse in this race will be the fact that there is a possibility of landing a monster pike at Burnstick but also landing a brood female in Phyllis that could help tip the scales in you favor.

All anglers are being sent an email containing all the relevant information packages and maps of the lakes so that they can start to plan their attack.

I can’t wait to see how this turns out.



Mar 23, 2015

Well I have not been on in a while to update. Life at home has got a little more hectic with the arrival of a new little kayak angler named Emily. Thankfully I have had some great people help me out in picking up prizes.

Since the last update, Wilderness Systems has donated a Stabilizer Bar, FishFinderMounts.Com has donated a very cool magnetic transducer mount, Humminbird ahas once again donated a fishfinder and Tie Boss has given us 3 of their new Kayak Sling Hoist Systems.

Things are looking great and despite the recent dump of snow, I am seeing some ice leave and expect as soon as the season and ice permit, there will be anglers heading out to Phyllis and Burnstick to start their pre-fishing.

wildykayakfishing  FishFinderIconDraw  Humminbird  tieboss_Logo


Feb 20, 2015

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Village of Caroline for being our host community this year and generously donating the hall we will be using for our Captain’s Meeting and Awards drawing. The Caroline Chamber of Commerce has also given us permission to use their launch site at Burnstick Lake. This is exactly why I like holding these events in small towns. Please everyone remember that we will be guests of this great community and be sure we clean up after ourselves and respect their property and facilities. If for any reason I receive calls or concerns about any anglers misusing the facilities or engaging in any type of illegal activity, they will be disqualified from the tournament and be asked to leave immediately. I don’t anticipate this being an issue, but just want everyone to realize how fortunate we are this year in having such a generous hosting community.





Feb 18, 2015

Well registration opened and before I could post that we are fishing Burnstick and Phyllis lakes simultaneously, there was already 3 people registered.

Once again I am seeing a lot of fresh new names to our tournament. We already have 1 angler from British Columbia registered and 1 from Saskatchewan. I am happy to say that we have already had some amazing donations pledged and more signing up all the time.

Buff is once again got my to be a returning sponsor and we are happy to have them. Hopefully this year we will need the buffs for the sun and not rain and tsunami winds and waves.





Feb 10, 2015

Well the Calgary Sportsmen Show was a great time for us. I spoke with Kevin from the Fishin Hole and they are once again going to donate to our tournament and I also secured a donation from the Calgary Hook and Hackle Club of a box of flies. The Fishing Butler sent an email with another yes for sponsoring us. I spoke to a few more companies and hopefully there will be a few brand new on the market items getting donated.

If you know of a business you would like us to approach, please shoot me an email and let me know their email address and a contact name so I can send them off an email with our request for sponsorship.




logo blue





Feb 3, 2015

Well the tournament planning is going great again. I received an email from Superfly this week with an amazing donation.. They are donating a complete fly fishing kit. In addition to the whole set up, you also get a 1 year membership to Trout Unlimited and a 1 year subscription to Fly Fushion Magazine.  This is going to be a great prize from a great local Albertan company that will either compliment a current fly angler’s arsenal or start another angler on the path of the fly.

I will be announcing the first lake next week to get you all working on plans for your fishing tactics… I know a few have been eagerly awaiting the release.. not long people…not long.





Jan 27, 2015

The latest email response from a sponsor was from YakAttack…. Once again they are helping us out and will be mailing off a great prize pack for us to put on our prize table. I can’t wait to see what all we end up with.

Plus I was chatting with a very nice lady in Caroline last night and the hall for our Captain’s Meeting and Prize draw has been graciously donated as well. They have a campsite there as well and our prices will be $25 for a camping spot (site, water, sewer, shower use) or $10 for tents which will also give access to the showers.

YakAttack - Multi




Jan 26, 2015

Just got an email back from Jackfish Lures. Once again they are donating a tackle bag for the tournament. Thanks so very much to Gary Love and Jackfish Lures for the donation again. I will admit, it was hard giving up that amazing prize last year. Hopefully the tackle bag from last year is going to or already has caught a ton of monsters.

And once again, Aquabatics will be joining us as a sponsor. I will be at their booth Feb 7th & 8th at the Calgary Sportsmen Show. Pop by for some great deals on new gear and to chat about the tournament!!

2012BT-1banner  Aquabatics


Jan 24, 2015

Well folks everyday more of our sponsors from past tournaments keep replying to our request and pledging their support. Valhalla Pure Outfitters in Red Deer has once again come on board as a sponsor and we can’t wait to see what they find for us for the prize table. If you are in Red Deer, be sure to check them out for you kayaking needs.





Jan 22, 2015

Our first prize donation arrived today from Scotty Fishing Products. I opened it up and let me tell you. I am so happy that we have been so fortunate to have Scotty with us for so long. They have always been there for us with donations and we are proud to have them involved with us and to support such a great Canadian company.

I also just received an email from The Rod Glove pledging their support for a donation as well. It looks like this year will hopefully put a run on last year’s prize table and sponsor list.

Here’s to another great year for our tournament and another year of working with top fishing gear producers. Without them we wouldn’t be able to donate funds to Fish and Game Associations here in Alberta.

I will keep you all posted as the sponsors sign up and the prizes roll in.

rod glove


Jan 19, 2015

Sooooo…. Just a heads up to all the anglers looking to participate this year. Not only has Werner once again stepped up with a donation for the tournament prize table… They have also donated 10 prize packs to help celebrate their 50 years of handcrafting paddles. The first 10 people to register once we go live will get a prize pack from Werner Paddles!!!!

werner 50


Also our great friends at Scotty Fishing Products have once again pledged their support for the tournament. They have been so great to us over the years and we hope to continue this great relationship with them long into the future!!!




Jan 15, 2015

With the year just underway, I have already started the process of contacting our past sponsors to see if they would like to be involved once again.

Within minutes of sending an email to Wilderness Systems, I received a message back saying that they would love to get on board again this year. I will be chatting with the Canadian Sales Director next week to get more details.

Kokatat is once again providing us with some awesome gear to put up on our table. These seem to be one of the first prizes taken every year. It possibly could be because Alberta has some great water to fish… but it is cold most of the time.

Werner Paddles has committed to getting us another great paddle for the prize table as well. These are also always a great hit because anglers seem to like staying on the cutting edge of technology and Werner never fails to disappoint.

Tie Boss tie downs has once again stepping up to be a sponsor and will be donating a new strap system that is due to be released in the next month or two. I was fortunate to be involved in the development of this system and can’t wait to share more details!!

And our good friends at Gnugen lures have already pledged their support of a donation for this year and hopefully we will have the owner back at the tournament to compete once again this year.. nudge nudge Cody…

With responses like that, I am hopeful that our year will be another banner year for donations and hopefully all those anglers who just started to enjoy our sport last year will join our long time anglers once again and make this another spectacular year!!!!




Jan 14, 2015

We have moved!!! This is our new site. We have gone back to publishing solely on WordPress in order to keep a little more money going towards donations.

Please keep checking back in as I am in the process of updating this site and will be posting all the new information on the tournament as soon as I can.



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