Here are the items that are available for purchase. I will update this every time a purchase is made to reflect current stock. Some items are a one time purchase only for us so when stock is gone, so is the offer.

When items are out of stock I will order another batch and update the quantity once they arrive. Prices do not include shipping. We can work out an arrangement for either shipping, pick up or drop off of items.

Unfortunately there is no way to add a shopping cart to this site. Below each item are PayPal buttons for purchasing 1-4 items. If you wish to purchase multiple items and quantities, you can send an email transfer to or call me at 403-392-1922 to make arrangements for payment.

Fishing Scoops – $20.50 each


40 available at this price – price will go up to $25 each for next order.

download 1 Fishing Scoop     download2 Fishing Scoops


download 3 Fishing Scoops   download4 Fishing Scoops 




Eastslope Kayak Fishing Classic Lure & 2 Sticker Set – $10.00 each

download1 Lure & 2 Stickers     download2 Lures & 4 Stickers


download3 Lures & 6 Stickers  download4 Lures & 8 Stickers