2015 Results

Well the tournament is over and I can honestly say that I am very happy with how it turned out. For the first time ever, we held the tournament on 2 lakes for a total of 4 different species. Anglers were allowed to fish the 2 water-bodies as they saw fit. Some stayed at one lake all day hoping to land a monster to get a boost in total inches, while others bounced from one lake to another in hopes of limiting out on all 4 species.  The 2 water bodies were Phyllis Lake and Burnstick Lake near Caroline, AB. While both lakes held Yellow Perch and Suckers, Phyllis held Rainbow trout and Burnstick held Northern Pike.

From the announcement and opening of registration of the tournament, I could tell that this year was going to be great. The registrations poured in over the first few days and when all was said and done we had 46 anglers out on the water fishing. At one point we had over 50 anglers committed, but a few had to drop out due to other commitments. This year was a great year in the fact that we had 15 anglers more than we had the previous year and of the 46 anglers, 24 were new to the tournament.

11334063_10155787640810296_4167482250632949308_oI have to also mention right away of the amazing hospitality we received from the Village of Caroline. The Caroline Museum donated use of the old fire hall for us to use for our Captain’s Meeting Friday night and all the Tournament Activities on Saturday. To top it off, we were also given a huge amount of fresh home-made apple pies for the anglers to all enjoy at the Captain’s meeting and the morning after.

Anglers spread out between a number of camp-grounds at Phyllis Lake, Burnstick Lake and quite a few at the Caroline RV park a stone’s throw from the hall.


Outdoor viewing pool at Raven Brood Station

Friday after noon a number of anglers headed over to the Raven Brood Station for a tour of the facility and lot of information on trout species in Alberta. More than one angler could be heard saying they wished they had a fly rod to try to catch one of the monster brood trout in the outside viewing pools. The tour was great and Brian Charles at the station was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his job and passion.


193,000 eggs from 80ish Brood Trout


Brood trout in staging to be released

Once the tour was over, we all headed back to the Museum to have our Captain’s BBQ and Captain’ Meeting. Glenmore Sailboats supplied the BBQ once again and Doug Hamm was once again our executive chef for the festivities. Once the meeting was over, anglers made their way back to their camps and many shared a few fishing stories and stories about the Shire (long story) with a few beverages, fires and good friends.

DSC_0807Saturday morning came and after the mandatory check in at the Museum, the anglers were off. Many of the anglers hit Phyllis Lake first off to try their luck with trout, perch and suckers. By 11 am the anglers were starting to pack up and head over to Burnstick for a chance at a Northern Pike to boost their overall total. DSC_0816A few stayed at Phyllis determined to try to get one of the elusive brood trout stocked in the lake or to land a few suckers for a good boost to their totals. By 2 pm the weather was changing and a storm front started to roll in. Many anglers cut their day short once the rain and thunder came, but a few stuck it out till the lightning came for a visit.

The Anglers made their way back to the Museum to check in and have their fish entered. By 6 pm the totals were added up and the following results were given.

Angler Name – Total Inches

1. Jason Maciejewski – 120.75DSC_0888

2. Tie – Kevin Henderson – 95DSC_0890

2. Tie – Jordan Morgenstern – 95DSC_0889

4. Armin Ulrich – 93.5

5. Jonathan Ulrich – 81.75

6. Doug Hamm – 73.75

7. Matt Maciejewski – 73.5

8. Keith Woynorowski – 73.25

9. Dan Blackburn – 70.25

10. Jim Kind – 68.25

11. Mike Bownes – 66.75

12. Tie – Max Dufrense – 65.75

12. Tie – David Kessler – 65.75

14. Steve Herman – 56.5

15. Christy Yaseyko – 51.75

16. John Kessler – 49

17. Terran Bernhard – 48.5

18. Joel Gaddi – 48.25

19. Anthony Reid – 45

20. Curtis Jensen – 43.5

21. Dave Newmann – 42.25

22. Amber Serbin – 41.75

23. Riley Beach – 39

24. Darcy Lambert – 36

25. Catherine Lewis – 32.5

26. Richard Hobden – 31.75

27. Jason Fraser – 31.5

28. Andrew Watt – 30.5

29. Carl Ball – 28

30. Jordan Forsythe – 27.25

31. Harold Peter – 27

32. Jaxon Fraser – 23

33. Rick Bisson – 17.5

34. Tim Norman – 10.75

35. Rob Boulet – 6

36. Connie Newsham – 5.5

Then came the anglers that either hard no luck or bad luck. Between losing a phone within the first 5 minutes of the tournament to having every fish jump off the board prior to pictures or just finding the right hook to use these anglers still all walked away with prizes packs and a tie for 37th spot

Wilf Fischer

Daniel Barrett

Kyle Boehme

Kat Nicholson

Dean Leonardis

Charles Hazen

Steve Raffaele

Rosanne Raffaele

John Marleau

Zach Potvin

DSC_0942 Once all the prize packs were picked by the anglers, it was time to give away the kayak. Our little tournament helper Ben gave every angler a ticket for the kayak and standing proudly on a table, he drew the number. From the middle of the room a familiar voice could be heard saying “Ben, pick my number”. When the number was read, that familiar voice belonging to Doug Hamm was the winner of this years 2015 Ride 115X Max in Dusk.


Once again we got a group picture of the anglers and said our goodbyes. It was great seeing so many old faces and so many new ones. I hope everyone continues to come out and fish with us at our tournament and hopefully we will see each other on the water many times before then.DSC_0947

I would like to once again thank all of our sponsors for the great prize packages they sent us and a big thank you to Carl Ball, Jim Kind and Doug Hamm for the help cleaning up at the end of the day. Here is hoping that the rest of everyone’s fishing season goes great and that we will have an even bigger and better tournament next year. The wheels are already turning on how to make next year even bigger and better.

In total we raised close to $1900 that will be donated to local associations in the Caroline area.

Tight lines



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