2016 Results

Well another tournament is in the books and it was our biggest yet. We had 44 anglers on the water at Battle Lake in what turned out to be a Northern Pike derby. While anglers were able to fish for Pike, Perch, Whitefish, Burbot and Suckers, only Northern Pike decided to play with our anglers that day.

Anglers camped at two different locations on the lake. Some camped at the municipal campground, while others camped at the 4H Center where the meeting and awards ceremony were taking place.

A few anglers were out at the lake pre-fishing since the Wednesday while others never got a hook wet until the day of the derby. It seemed both strategies paid off as fish were landed by both groups.



As customary, we had our Captain’s BBQ provided by Glenmore Sailboats followed by the Captain’s Meeting. The turnout was great and all of the anglers spent a good deal of time looking over the prizes that were displayed. After the BBQ and Meeting, anglers headed back to their respective camps for a good early night to be well rested for the morning. Well a few did anyways, most sat around the fire telling stories of the fish caught and the ones soon to be caught.


The morning came quick and the water was beautiful for go time. Anglers were lined up at the launch on both sides of the lake and eagerly waiting for the sound of the air horn to begin their attack on the water and start snapping pictures in hopes of a first place finish.

13528247_10207956734090434_7011032728449665419_oWith a beautiful sunny day and light wind, the tournament was once again blessed by the fishing gods. Anglers covered ever inch of the shoreline and put on countless miles pursuing scorable fish. Sadly, many of the anglers landed pike that were under the lakes minimum size and could not count those precious inches. While some anglers were stone cold and determined, others took it easy and knew that the fish would bite regardless of how you sat or laid in your kayak.


13607010_10207956734050433_6816327379367260602_n Some had other thoughts on what was needed to be the winner and dressed accordingly.


I even managed to get out on the water for a little fishing of my own with my little man. We landed one nice scorable pike and released it, then cruised around checking on anglers. We had to stop for a while for a water gun fight as well.


DSC_0751 DSC_0756 DSC_0754 DSC_0762

DSC_0767By 2:45 the skies were looking dark and just shortly after 3pm the skies opened up and a massive rainstorm hammered the anglers. Within 30 minutes, a few anglers started to make the trek up the hill with a little assistant from Kat in the Gator. The sun came back out and by 5pm the anglers were all making their way up the road to the check in and awards.


Once all of the anglers were in and measurements recorded, it was time to start out with the results. Of the 44 anglers, only 14 had scorable fish.

We started off with the Teams

1st Place Team – Christy and Jordan – 109″ – Trophy and $170.00 each


2nd Place Team – Doug & Jim – 105″ – Trophy and $85 each


3rd Place Team – Tyler & Wes – 103.75″ – Trophy and $50 each


Next was Individual Standings

1st – Doug Hamm – 78″(3 fish) – Trophy and Kokatat Prize pack


2nd – Tyler Murray – 77.5″(3 fish) – Trophy and Sling Fin Tent from Valhalla Pure Outfitters


3rd – Christy Yaseyko – 57″(2 fish) – Trophy and Humminbird Fishfinder, hat and rod holder


4th – Jordan Forsythe – 52″(2 fish) – Rapala rod, reel, line, Rod Glove, hooks


5th – Darcy Shier – 51″(2 fish) – Reel, lures and gear


6th – Al Zilkowsky – 32.5″ – Fenwick Fly Rod combo


7th – Jim Kind – 27″ – Forged Fly Fishing Reel


8th – Wes Kyle – 26.25″ – Werner Paddle


9th – Joel Gaddi – 25.75″ – Jackfish Lures prize pack


10th – Daniel Bourdages – 25.5″ – Werner Paddle


11th TIE – Ryan Brown – 25.25″ – Fishin Hole Rod / reel combo

& Jonathan Ulrich – 25.25″ – AT Paddle

DSC_0803 DSC_0804

13th TIE – 25″ – Terran Bernhard – Aquabound Paddle  & Tim Norman – Net, Fishing Scoop, Rod holder

DSC_0805 DSC_0806

15th TIE – Brian Fehr, Dylan Serbin, Kevin Henderson, Sandra Ramsey, Jason Maciejewski, Matt Maciejewski, Anthony Reid, Braeden Slzabon, Andrew Watt, Luc Boulianne, Monique Brousseau, Kat Nicholson, Dean Leonardis, Marc Miravalles, Katherine Volovich, Curtis Volovich, Darryl Heidt, Henry Leszcznski, Bevrey Brown, Amber Serbin, Kurtis Mercer, Jordan Atkins, Riley Beach, Steve Herman, Matt Butcher, Mike Patterson, Devon Fitzpatrick

Then came the time for the kayak draw. Once again my son Ben drew the number and I had all the people with ticket numbers ending in the 80s stand, I then started to remove numbers from the potential winners until it came down to Joel Gaddi, Dean Leonardis and Luc Boulainne.


The next number to sit was Joel leaving only Luc and Dean.



Dean was the lucky winner of the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130X. The funny thing was before the draw, Dean’s wife Kat asked Ben to draw her number similar to what Doug Hamm did the year before.


The kayak winner Dean shaking hands, his wife Kat squeezing Ben in a big hug for drawing their number


This event has been a huge success thanks to the anglers who travel near and far to attend. This year we had 2 anglers from Vancouver Island, 2 from Abbotsford and 1 from Clearwater come out. Add in the anglers from the far reaches of Alberta like Andrew Watt from Fort McMurray who kept us up to date on whether his kayak was still alive during the horrific fires there and we had a great representation of anglers from all walks of life.  18 of the anglers at the tournament attended for their first time and a few of those got their first experience kayak fishing the day of the tournament.


Thanks again to all of you and hope to see you next year.