Where Does the Money Go?

The primary goal of the Eastslope Kayak Fishing Classic is to raise awareness for sustainable fishing practices and to raise money or provide donations to organizations that are like minded.

2016 – Alford Lake Conservation Education Centre for Excellence

In 2016 we made arrangements with Superfly, an Edmonton Alberta Fly Fishing company, to purchase 12 fly fishing combos to be used as a donation to the Alford Lake Conservation Education Centre For Excellence.

Alford Lake is located 25.6 km west and north of Caroline AB. Established in 1974 the Alford Lake Conservation Education Centre For Excellence was designed to provide Wildlife Conservation Education students with an opportunity to experience hands on involvement in programs that introduce them to the outdoors and outdoor skills. The emphasis is always on safety. One of the programs they offer is a fly fishing instruction program for kids to teach them fly fishing techniques and Care of Catch. They also offer a ladies program that teaches the ladies the in and out of fly fishing. Programs like these are exactly what we love to donate to and we are so happy to have been able to provide some much needed gear to the camp.


Dave Paplawski (L – Conservation Education Coordinator) and Matt Shaw (R – Camp Manager) from Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association with Mike Zilkowsky for the donation of the 12 fly combos.


Owned and operated by the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association the entire facility consists of:

  • Large meeting room/dining room complete with food service capability
  • Washrooms and showers
  • 12 cabins that are winterized and will accommodate over 60 people.
  • Classroom
  • RV parking area for up to 16 units
  • Wilderness survival training area
  • Firearm safety training ranges
  • Archery ranges
  • Fishing education area
  • Wildlife and Fisheries identification
  • Outdoor cooking area
  • Equipment storage and maintenance facilities
  • Camp administration building
  • Map and compass course

Contact them here if you would like more information of their services and programs.